Postpartum barre by einzigartICH

Our postpartum barre concept is designed to help you rediscover your strengths and strengthen your pelvic floor and core after the exertions of pregnancy and childbirth. 

Why is a postpartum course so important? 

During pregnancy, the tissue becomes softer due to hormones. Especially in the pelvic area, women often feel this through pain in the ISG (sacroiliac joint) and in the symphysis area. This is important so that the pelvis can expand during childbirth and the child can be born. In addition, the pelvic floor is like a jumping sheet that bears the weight of the organs. In the case of pregnancy, there is a considerable additional weight (6-18 kg). During the nine months of pregnancy, the pelvic floor never has a break - it has to carry the extra weight all the time. 

Pregnancy also puts a lot of strain on your back, because your posture changes as your belly grows. The abdominal muscles are severely overstretched and lose their function. The abdominal and back muscles are opponents and it always takes both to ensure stability. 

A strong stabilization belt and an upright posture are important so that you can avoid problems such as back pain, incontinence, tension, etc. in everyday life. And it's also important to strengthen your body and get a good feeling for your body so you can cope with your new mommy life. 

A good postpartum course is also elementary for getting back into sport. And even after the postpartum course, it is very important to continue your pelvic floor training and to integrate exercises for your pelvic floor, back and abdominal muscles into your training routine. This can be regular exercises at home (you can find tips and exercises on our Facebook page or on Instagram), getting back into your usual sport, or you can switch to our barre concept classes after you finished the postpartum course.